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Take a Break by zarabethedraws Take a Break :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 0
Writing Prompt: Sunlight
All I can see when I open my eyes is sunlight.  Not the gentle, hesitant light of early morning, creeping in to light an already wakeful city, and not the clinging, slowly fading light of twilight as it struggles to hold onto the last vestiges of the day.  No this was garish, too-bright, burning my face and stinging my eyes.  This was blinding;  this was reality.  
I used to like the sunlight.  I used to be able to turn my face upward and revel in its warmth, seek joy in its comfort. 
But this was wrong.  My eyes watered, but my entire body was freezing.  No, that wasn't right at all.  My body was numb.  
Panic came crashing into my mind as I struggled, pulling against the endless weight holding me down. 
"She's awake!"
"Ma'am, I need you to hold still."
"How can she even be alive at all?  Her entire spinal column is severed!"
:iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 2
WIP: Lunch Doodle, the Not Vikings by zarabethedraws WIP: Lunch Doodle, the Not Vikings :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 7 Walmart Sketch WIP  by zarabethedraws Walmart Sketch WIP :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 0 Battle Maidens by zarabethedraws Battle Maidens :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 5 Med Faire by zarabethedraws Med Faire :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 2 Two Med Faire Costumes by zarabethedraws Two Med Faire Costumes :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 3 Because He Deserves No Privacy by zarabethedraws
Mature content
Because He Deserves No Privacy :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 2
Contest Day by zarabethedraws Contest Day :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 2
Where are you
Where are you?
Because this thing isn't you
crying and wheedling, whining about your harsh conditions and your loneliness
this isn't the person that held my hand and told me to not be afraid
this isn't the person that stayed up all night carving and painting and creating
the person who came home from work and then took care of me if I had a bad day
this isn't you
so where are you?
This skeleton that refuses to eat and holds your nose up like a princess
ignoring the reality you have thrust us in, choosing to feed your delusions instead
this isn't who touched our newborn daughter for the first time with tears in his eyes
this isn't who comforted me while our first was in the hospital
this isn't who took a job in another state to better our position
I don't see you at all
you aren't here
you are a construct
you only exist in my memories now
what I want to see is only a persistence of a desire that somewhere, somehow, you exist
when you clearly don't anymore
If you wanted my sympathy, perh
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A Plus Downstacking by zarabethedraws A Plus Downstacking :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 5 Work Sketch : Mother and Daughter Viking by zarabethedraws Work Sketch : Mother and Daughter Viking :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 2 Speed Sketch 3 Work Wife by zarabethedraws Speed Sketch 3 Work Wife :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 2 4 Normalcy by zarabethedraws Normalcy :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 0 4 Speed Sketch 2 by zarabethedraws Speed Sketch 2 :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 1 0 Speed Sketch at work by zarabethedraws Speed Sketch at work :iconzarabethedraws:zarabethedraws 2 6

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The Day of the Dead
Corrienda took a deep breath as she prepared to disembark from the ship in Stormwind Harbor, brushing the crushed petals off her skirt to the floor. She'd have to buy some new marigolds once she got to the cemetery - in her nervousness, she had ground her flowers into pulp during the voyage. It was already mid-afternoon - she had wasted most of the day fretting about whether she should even come. She hoped he wouldn't hold it against her.
She whistled for her hippogryph and took off toward the city cemetery. As she circled in for a landing, she saw rows of tombstones variously adorned with orange flowers, candles, and loaves of bread. Interspersed among them were various people conversing with what seemed like thin air, but Corrienda knew better. Today was the Day of the Dead, and the veil between the living and deceased was so thin that one could actually see and speak with those who had already passed on.
After trading a few coppers for some candles and some flowers, she made her way
:iconcorrienda:corrienda 3 1
Wounds Untouched by Time
It was still dark out, only the faintest shimmer of moonlight filtering into the apartment. It was hard to say exactly what time it was, but if it was anything like the other nights she'd lain awake, it was probably still a few hours before dawn. It didn't make sense to her that she'd be so wide awake in the middle of the night - shouldn't carrying a child make it easier to sleep? She should really find out if dreamless sleep potions were safe to take - for now, though, it seemed she had another night of letting her mind wander until her lover rose with the dawn.
She drew her finger along one of the veins that bulged over the muscle of his forearm; he stirred slightly, squeezing her more closely but remaining asleep. He used to nestle his hand between her breasts as they cuddled, but now, more often than not, it was her ever-growing belly he embraced as he slept. It was touching how much he cherished her pregnancy. She loved the way he kept an unending supply of fruit in their apartmen
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United States
Warcraft Fangirl. Closet Night Elf. Out Pan/Bisexual. Weaver of Words. Herald of Encroaching Geekdom.

I write fanfiction. Sometimes it makes you cry, sometimes it makes you laugh, and sometimes it makes you hate me with the fire of a thousand suns. It's usually better than a kick in the ass, though. (usually)

I also tend to illustrate said writing with shitty pencil/paper sketches. Sometimes they aren't half bad, sometimes they make me want to stab myself in the eyeball.

I also sew/create half-ass cosplays. Sometimes I take pictures, but those aren't of any quality at all.
to plan another family music video, starring the kids in the household.  


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